Music: Storm

This song is by Warner/Chappell Productions from the album Not Quite Blue Retro Soul. This song was used in the trailer of Chinese Movie “Fist & Faith” and also in the trailer of the documentary on Indian Naval Academy by National Geographic Channel India. 

I first heard this song in the trailer of INA and liked it. 

Here is the trailer for the documentary on INA.

“Old House”

You are like that old house

I used to live in. 

Whenever I pass you by


hear mention of you

it always breaks my heart a little

thinking of the memories in which you live in.

I hope someday I will be okay

with watching you from the distance

and praying for your well-being.


I hope someday I will have peace.

I hope someday I will be fine.

– © Harsha Dubey.

Music: 100 songs of Gulzar (Jukebox)

Gulzar, is an Indian poet, lyricist, and film director. He has worked with many Indian music directors including R. D. Burman, Salil Chowdhury, Vishal Bhardwaj and A. R. Rahman. Gulzar also wrote poetry, dialogues, and scripts. He was awarded Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award in India, the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award — the highest award in Indian cinema. He has won several Indian National Film Awards, one Academy Award, and one Grammy Award.

It would be impossible to describe the works of Gulzar Sir how wonderful they are. Soulful, stirring, artistic, poetic and always beautiful. He is great. 


“Amazement of Nature”


“Akash Bhara Surya Tara Biswabhara Pran” by Rabindranath Tagore.
And In Wonder And Amazement, I Sing.

The sky is full of the sun and the stars
The universe is full of life
Among all these, I have found a place
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
The world is swayed
By eternity’s rushing tide
Rising and falling
I have felt its tug in my blood
Racing through my veins
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
While walking in the woodlands
With my feet, I have touched the blades of grass
I have been startled by the flowers’ fragrance
They have all maddened my mind
The gifts of gladness and joy
Are strewn all around
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
I have pricked my ears
I have opened my eyes
I have bared my heart to the world
In the midst of the known
I have sought the unknown
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.