I know the truth

I am aware of the reality

I understand the equations

I know about not having possibility

but still

between the fractions of time


in the parallel universe

I want you to be mine.

© Harsha Dubey.

“Where When Why”

I’ve been asking these questions to myself
about me, or you,
I don’t quite get their regardings.

I ask myself,
where and when it all began?
Maybe in between seasons
or in those little fleeting moments.
Maybe thousands of days ago
or since the beginning.

I ask myself, when and why
I gave space in my brain to you.
I don’t know,
I am always wondering.

I ask myself,
where I lost my heart to you
maybe in between our meetings
Or maybe in our departing.

I ask myself
when I lost my heart to you
maybe in our nervous little talks
or in our hush-hush glancing.

I ask myself,
why I lost my heart to you
Maybe it is you,
I know,
it is
because of

© Harsha Dubey.


“Old House”

You are like that old house

I used to live in. 

Whenever I pass you by


hear mention of you

it always breaks my heart a little

thinking of the memories in which you live in.

I hope someday I will be okay

with watching you from the distance

and praying for your well-being.


I hope someday I will have peace.

I hope someday I will be fine.

– © Harsha Dubey.

“भूल जाना”

भूल जाना

भूल जाना मुझे ।

भूल जाना मेरा नाम 

भूल जाना मेरा ये चेहरा ।

भूल जाना मेरी बातें

भूल जाना वो मुलाकातें

आैर वो इत्तेफ़ाक़े

भूल जाना सारे ताल्लुकें ।

भूल जाना मुझको रुककर देखना

भूल जाना मुझको देखकर मुस्कुराना ।

भूल जाना मेरा चुपके से तुम्हे देखना

भूल जाना मेरा शरमाना ।

भूल जाना सारी गलतफहमीयाॅं

भूल जाना सारी गलतियां ।

भूल जाना पुरानी जगहें 

आैर पुरानी यादें ।

भूल जाना पुुराना वक़्त

आैर बाकी कुछ ।

भूल जाना 

भूल जाना मुझे ।

आैर आज़ाद कर देना मुझे ।


– हर्षा दुबे


क्या तुम्हारी आंखें भी इंतज़ार करती हैं ??

मेरी आंखों की तरह,

इनके मिलने का ।

– हर्षा दुबे



Do your eyes wait too ??

Like mine,

to meet. 



तेरे करीब रहने की आादत तो नही थी

जो तुझसे दूर ना रहा जा रहा हो  । 

पर क्या करू तेरी इन यादो का

जो दूर जाती ही नही  । 


– हर्षा दुबे


जी भरकर देख लेने दो मुझको, तुम्हे 

पता नही कब फिर से मुलाकात हो तुमसे  । 


–  हर्षा दुबे