“भूल जाना”

Infinite Thirteen

भूल जाना

भूल जाना मुझे ।

भूल जाना मेरा नाम 

भूल जाना मेरा ये चेहरा ।

भूल जाना मेरी बातें

भूल जाना वो मुलाकातें

आैर वो इत्तेफ़ाक़े

भूल जाना सारे ताल्लुकें ।

भूल जाना मुझको रुककर देखना

भूल जाना मुझको देखकर मुस्कुराना ।

भूल जाना मेरा चुपके से तुम्हे देखना

भूल जाना मेरा शरमाना ।

भूल जाना सारी गलतफहमीयाॅं

भूल जाना सारी गलतियां ।

भूल जाना पुरानी जगहें 

आैर पुरानी यादें ।

भूल जाना पुुराना वक़्त

आैर बाकी कुछ ।

भूल जाना 

भूल जाना मुझे ।

आैर आज़ाद कर देना मुझे ।

– हर्षा दुबे

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Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Infinite Thirteen

Dedicated to my lovely Nani. (grandma, mother of my mother).

Silver hair, no teeth.

Golden heart, no meek. 

Wrinkled skin, fragile bones.

Wise thoughts, titanium will.

Hearing loss, honey voice.

Low eyesight, eagle-like observing.

Ocean of love,

sky of intelligence,

divine soul,

inspiring living,

childish expressions

and full of life.

It would be impossible to describe you in words


you are immense to fit in words.

O my beautiful grandma you are an angel in the face of the human.

– © Harsha Dubey.

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Infinite Thirteen


It lives inside everyone.

Some accept it, some deny it.

Fear controls us

by entrapping us, by scaring us.


It is the false thoughts

and feelings.

It is an invisible chain that keeps us restraining.

It takes us away from the truth and

from growing.

To free ourselves from fear we should be aiming

only then we would be fully living.

– © Harsha Dubey.

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“Just beautiful dreams”

Infinite Thirteen

Dreams. Small dreams. Big dreams.

How dare you to measure dreams?

They hold the grace and the creativity within.

They are made of faith and hope.

They have the world of possibilities.

They bring the growth.

How do you measure that?

If the dream is associated with numbers

then you are missing the point.

The beauty of dreams lives in,

the power they possess which

cannot be measured by anything.

Dreams. Just beautiful dreams.

– © Harsha Dubey.

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Infinite Thirteen

In solitude, 

I dive, I float.

I indulge, I live.

Solitude saves me.

Solitude makes me.

In solitude,

I find answers and

learn truths.

I discover myself

and evolve.

Solitude accompanies me.

Solitude endorses me.

In solitude,

I am authentic.

I am free.

I am me.

And whenever I choose solitude,

solitude always chooses me.

– © Harsha Dubey.

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Infinite Thirteen

I belong to the universe.

I belong to the Earth.

I belong to the sun and to the moon.

I belong to the sky and to the clouds.

I belong to mountains and the oceans.

I belong to trees and flowers.

I belong to the people and all the beings.

I belong to my mom and dad.


first I belong to myself.

– © Harsha Dubey.

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Different ??

Infinite Thirteen

The wind that blows touches

me and you.

The rain that pours drenches

me and you.

The earth we walk holds

me and you.

The emotions we have moves

me and you.

We breath same, we eat same.

We laugh same, we cry same.

We live same, we love same.


We are made of same things

then how we are different beings ??

– © Harsha Dubey.

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