I am Harsha Dubey.

I am an Indian. A student and a learner who is always learning.

I created this blog to share everything that I love And I have a very long list of the things that I love. And to share each and every beautiful thing that is around us.

So I will share here,

Photographs: Photography is an art. Each photograph tells a story & is a result of perspective, imagination, and creativity. I will share here photographs that are captured by me and I use the mobile phone to capture them.

Art: I am also involved in the art so I will share my artworks as well.

Writing: I like to write. And here I will do experiments.

Music: I am a music lover. I love all the genres, will share about music too.

And about Science, Movies, Books, Quotes, India and much more things.

About the name of blog, there are infinite things to learn, to understand, to do, to see, to read, to write, to hear, to talk, to feel, to think this is why I chose the word “Infinite’ and reason behind the ‘Thirteen’ is, it’s my birth date.

Enjoy the blog and give your precious feedback.

Thank you.


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