Music: Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

This song is from, a 2015 Indian Hindi romantic comedy film Dum Laga Ke Haisha. Sung by Papon and Monali Thakur. lyrics were written by Varun Grover; music composed by Anu Malik. Monali Thakur won the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer for this song.

I love the voice of Papon and Monali both have beautiful, mesmerizing voice. This song is equally beautiful.

Here is the female version of the song.

Madhubani painting: “Saheli”



Saheli is a Hindi word which translates as Girlfriend or Friend.

As the Madhubani painting is the folk art of India these painting portraits village life and events. In this painting, these two girls are in Indian traditional attire.

If you are thinking what they are doing, they are talking while on the way to home from Panghat or Ghat (River Bank) with water in their Matka or Ghada (Earthen pot).

This Madhubani painting is made on handmade paper by using synthetic colours and pen.

Here you can read more about “Madhubani Painting”.

Music: Until we will become dust

I came to know about this song from Youtube Rewind’s top trending Videos of 2017 (Global).

This is from a singing competition “The Mask Singer”, that involves masked celebrities in elaborate costumes. Their identities are revealed only when they are defeated.

The oyster singer was on the Thai series. He was later revealed to be singer Pandavaram Prasarnmitr coming from the Thai rock band Cocktails.

I liked this song.

Music: Sairat Zaala Ji

This song is from a 2016 Indian Marathi-language musical romantic drama film Sairat (English: wild, unrestrained). Music of this film is composed by Ajay – Atul, this song is sung by Ajay Gogavale & Chinmayee Sripada and Lyrics were written by Ajay – Atul / Nagraj Manjule. 

This song is in the Marathi language, I don’t know this language.

I love this song. The voice of Chinmayee Sripada is sweet like honey and the melody of this song is beautiful. This whole soundtrack album was so good. The movie Sairat was also good. Ajay-Atul makes music that will be remembered. 

“Madhubani Painting”


Madhubani painting or art is an Indian folk art. It is also known as Mithila painting. It is practised in the Bihar state of India. It was originated in the Madhubani region of Mithila, therefore, it’s called Madhubani painting. The name Madhubani translate as “Forest of honey”. The area of Mithila lies near the border of India and Nepal. It is practised in some regions of Nepal as well.

Traditionally it is done with fingers, nib-pens, twigs, matchsticks, brushes by using natural dyes and pigments on mud walls of houses and huts by the womenfolk of the village. Nowadays it’s practised on handmade papers, canvas, clothes and another medium as well with synthetic colours but some artist still use natural colours.

These paintings are known for its geometrical patterns and vibrant colours. The paintings are based on mostly folk or mythological theme. The central theme of these paintings is love, fertility, prosperity, valour and devotion. Symbols of love and prosperity sun, moon, lotus, trees, parrot, peacock, elephant, fish, turtle are prominent.

Apart from these, the Hindu deities Rama-Sita, Krishna–Radha, Shiva- Shakti, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Ravana, Hanuman and tales from the life of  Krishna, Ramayana and Mahabharata are common. A social event like weddings are also themes of these paintings.

In these paintings, There is hardly any empty space left. Space is filled with floral, animals, birds and other motifs. Each motif has significance like fish signifies fertility and good luck where peacocks, romance and love.

This Madhubani painting is made by using pen and synthetic colours on handmade paper.

Music: Harry Potter Music (Indian Version)

Famous scores from Harry Potter Movie Series with indian arrangements. This is by Indian Jam Project.

The Indian Jam Project is a fusion platform, founded by young Producer/Composer Tushar Lall, who is the brains behind arranging and composing the Indianised adaptations, often by bombing them with his own compositions. The arrangements are performed with him and some amazing musicians – Prasad Rahane (Sitar), Samay Lalwani (Tabla), Sri Sandeep Mishra (Sarangi) , Prathamesh Salunke (Flute), Vivaan Kapoor (Percussions) and many more.


Tabla: Samay Lalwani, Sarangi: Sri Sandeep Mishra, Flute: Prathamesh Salunke

Santoor: Sri Abrar Ahmed, Violins:David De Menezes, Roger Mendonca.

Produced by: Tushar Lall

This Indian fusion covers five beautiful scores from the Harry Potter Movie Series-

A Window To The Past : Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban
Harry Potter Main Theme
Hedwig’s Theme : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Face of Voldemort : Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
The Epilogue – Leaving Hogwarts : Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I love this.