Music: Nightcall

This song is originally by Kavinsky. This band London Grammar covered this song. London Grammar is a British trio formed by Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major. Thier music genres are Pop, Dream pop, trip hop, indie pop, and electronica. Their debut EP, Metal & Dust, was released in February 2013 and their debut album, If You Wait, was released on 9 September 2013. Thier new album Truth is a beautiful thing is set to release on 9 June 2017.

I love the voice of Hannah Reid. Her voice is strong and the mellow, stirring and calming at the same time. And the lyrics she writes they are good too and I like everything about them.

This Band makes beautiful music.

Here is the original song by Kavinsky. I like both original and cover.




Each of us contains poems.

Some write it down.

Some live by it.

Some sing it loud.

Some escape through it.

Some cry it out.

Some die with it.

– © Harsha Dubey.

“Lovely Trees”

I like to watch trees

sway back and forth

to the rhythm of the wind.

I like to watch trees

drench in the rain pour

to roots, trunk, and leaves. 

I like to watch trees

grow, bloom and turn old

in their course of lives.

– @Harsha Dubey.


Happy World Environment Day.


“Twin Tress”

“As I age         
in the world, it will rise and spread,
and be for this place horizon
and orison, the voice of its winds.
I have made myself a dream to dream
of its rising, that has gentled my nights.
Let me desire and wish well the life
these trees may live when I
no longer rise in the mornings
to be pleased with the green of them
shining, and their shadows on the ground,
and the sound of the wind in them.”
– Wendell Berry, Planting Trees. 

Happy World Environment Day.

“Still something that you can”

You can rise again

if you have fallen down,

there’s still something that you can!

You can bring peace into your life

if you have been in turmoil,

there’s still something that you can!

You can find yourself again

if you have been lost,

there’s still something that you can!

You can make your life beautiful

it’s never late


there’s hope

and there’s still something that you can!

– ©Harsha Dubey.

“White Verbena”


“If I can stop one heart from breaking” By Emily Dickinson.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

Music: Love

This song is by Lana Del Ray. An American Singer, Songwriter, and Model. This song (Single) is from her new album “Lust for Life” which is set to release in July 2017. 

I like her very much. I like her lyrics which are poetic. And her unique and different low voice Which is beautiful. She is creative and artistic.

And this song is beautiful and its video is lovely too. I love this song.


“Fire in You”

I feel fire in you,

whenever I see you.

A fire, fierce fire.

A fire burning in rage.

Rage, a right kind of rage.

Rage, a balanced rage.

A fire that can burn anything


can give warmth, if it wants.

A fire that can turn everything into ashes


can force out the darkness, if it wants.

Darling, you don’t know

how beautiful you are

blazing bright in the dark.

Just keep shining wherever you are

and spread the light afar.

– ©Harsha Dubey.

“Amazement of Nature”


“Gazania Big Kiss White Flame”


“Akash Bhara Surya Tara Biswabhara Pran” by Rabindranath Tagore.
And In Wonder And Amazement, I Sing.

The sky is full of the sun and the stars
The universe is full of life
Among all these, I have found a place
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
The world is swayed
By eternity’s rushing tide
Rising and falling
I have felt its tug in my blood
Racing through my veins
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
While walking in the woodlands
With my feet, I have touched the blades of grass
I have been startled by the flowers’ fragrance
They have all maddened my mind
The gifts of gladness and joy
Are strewn all around
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.
I have pricked my ears
I have opened my eyes
I have bared my heart to the world
In the midst of the known
I have sought the unknown
And in wonder and amazement, I sing.